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  • Experiential Workshops

    Exploring Endings

    Join us for this experiential workshop, This workshop is facilitated and guided to provide a creative space through art, discussions and other media to explore your own experiences on endings personally and build awareness to help your client work

    Next date: TBC contact to express your interest
    Cost £30 (£25 Members)
    (CPD 2.5hrs)

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    Experiential Workshops

    Maintenance of the Mind

    A must do workshop to enhance your own personal development while learning new skills and techniques to help support others.

    Facilitated by Tracy Johnson – NLP Master Practitioner/Hypnotherapist

  • Experiential Workshops

    Mindfulness Workshop

    This workshop covers:
    * An overview of the history and theory of
    mindfulness based stress reduction
    * The physiological and psychological impact stress
    has on us and how mindfulness can be used to
    work with stressful situations and experiences
    * Practicing a variety of mindfulness exercises as
    well as exploring ways to include mindfulness practices into everyday life

    Date to be arranged

    £40 (Serenity Members £35)

  • Experiential Workshops

    Past Life Regression

    Join us on this potentially powerful taster session, Learn about going back in time to past lives, look at discovering your own past lives… find out who you were and what your life involved…

    Date TBC (contact us to express your interest)

  • Experiential Workshops

    Self Hypnosis Experiential Group Session

    Date TBC contact us to express your interest.

    Self-care is the basis for healthy authentic relationships it is essential to nurture the people we care about. So care about ourselves first.
    We cannot drink from a empty cup
    Come along to this 90 minute session
    You will learn the power of self-hypnosis, learn skills and techniques, which will enable you to relax, let go, …

  • Experiential Workshops

    Understanding and Coping with Anxiety

    Join us for this 3 week therapy support group for people suffering with or supporting people with Anxiety.

  • Experiential Workshops

    Well-being with Horses

    Join us for this powerful experiential half day, which will provide you with an opportunity
    to spend time with, learn from and connect with the horses in the beautiful calm environment at Becconsall Equestrian Centre.

    This is a fantastic experience for personal growth/awareness, self care and reflection,
    while de-stressing, and taking time out to be in the moment.

    Saturday 28th March 2020

    9.30am – 1pm

    Just …

  • Experiential Workshops

    Working with Dreams & Nightmares

    Join us for this experiential workshop, which is facilitated and guided to provide you with an opportunity to explore working with dreams & nightmares with clients, it will offer techniques through embodied therapy and uses your own and others experiences to aid and build awareness to help your client work.