Self Hypnosis Group


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Self-care is the basis for healthy authentic relationships it is essential to nurture the people we care about. So care about ourselves first.
We cannot drink from a empty cup
Come along to this 90 minute session
You will learn the power of self-hypnosis, learn skills and techniques, which will enable you to relax, let go, think more positively, to fix your own problems and learn how to go into a light trance


Self-Hypnosis for Self-Care
Why nurture ourselves?
Self-Care and nurturing is vital, we take care of others every day.
How often do we take the time to turn our wonderful nurturing ability to ourselves?

Delivered by;
Vivien Bickham NLP Master Practitioner/Hypnotherapists/IEMT Practitioner/Old pain 2 go Practitioner
Tracy Johnson NLP Master Practitioner/IEMT Practitioner/Old pain 2 Go Practitioner