Maintanance of the Mind


This 6 week course will give you the techniques, strategies, self-awareness, and good practical support to re fuel your tank.
Learning new skills and ways of coping, enhance personal awareness, self-esteem and building confidence, to create a more fulfilling life.


This 6 week course runs throughout the year, contact us to register your interest.

The course offers a template for creating a spa for your mind
Week 1 -Imagine picking up a key for your mind retreat
Week 2 -Create the tools to build self -care and management
Week 3-Follow your intuition to create fresh ideas to challenges to create positive thoughts
Week 4- Focus on creating new skills to deal with limiting beliefs. Resources to create positive attitudes
Week 5- Create self-awareness to create our ideal self
Week 6- Be mindful to enable an openness to new possibilities